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Beauty is Relative
Hairdressing; the act of cutting, styling, or coloring the hair.  Or something like that. Let's be honest I mostly reblog pretty things and cats.
writing sample for Haruhi~

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. There really wasn’t a time her phone wasn’t ringing. Temaki-sempai or twins or even Kyoya lately had her phone buzzing constantly for one thing or another. She never had any time off from the whole lot of them. She fished the little device out of the pocket from her slacks and rolled her eyes at the picture of Temaki-sempai he’d apparently put there. Without answering it Haruhi tossed the phone aside. He could wait. He would be at school later, there was hardly a reason to talk to him now. So with a little sigh she moved over to her closet to get her jacket down. The familiar blue coat had so many memories. 

A smile tugged at her lips as she slipped her arms into the coat, buttoning each button with care as she looked herself over in the mirror. She straightened her tie and smoothed out her hair a little before feeling satisfied and looking around the small room for her bag. Her hand wrapped around the black leather strap easily and found her cell phone again, tucking it away in her pocket quickly after checking the time. The twins would meet her in class like always, no surprise there. So she shuffled out of her room quickly for a  bite to eat with her dad. After saying her goodbyes she pulled her shoes on and made sure she had everything for the day, including her lunch, and slipped out the door as her phone started buzzing away again in her pocket. 

It only took her a moment to pull it out again, that same picture popping up on the display. What could he want this early? Haruhi shrugged her shoulders lightly, moving her bag to her other hand and holding it behind her shoulder as she started her walk to school and flipped open the phone. Once it was up to her ear she finally answered the blonde prince in a bored tone. He likely wasn’t going to stop calling until she answered. Might as well get it out of the way now. 

"What is it Temaki-sempai?.. I’m walking to school." 

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